Our History

Welcome to MV Consultant Group, a Puerto Rican family-owned company with over 20 years of experience specializing in professional consulting services for construction and environmental permit management. Under the visionary leadership of Ms. Mercedes Vega, our company has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a recognized leader in the industry.

Ms. Vega’s journey began during her studies in Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University in 1990 and was further enriched by her education in Environmental Studies at the University of Puerto Rico. With valuable experience gained from working in an engineering office, Mercedes acquired the necessary knowledge to assist clients in efficiently navigating the process of obtaining government permits.

Driven by her passion for excellence and commitment to sustainability, Ms. Vega founded MV Consultant Group, assembling a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled experts, including engineers, architects, and environmentalists. Over the years, our company has stood out in the local market due to the quality and dedication of our team, setting us apart from the rest.

At MV Consultant Group, we not only specialize in the complex world of construction and environmental permits, but we also strive to provide personalized and professional service that meets the unique needs of each client. Join us and discover how we can help turn your projects into reality efficiently and successfully!


Our Aims

Our mission is to help others in the construction of their Project or reopening of their businesses or residences, by consulting and hiring our services. Not only are the services we offer our reason for being, but also to be part of the development of your business by obtaining your permits.

Our mission is to be part of the work team of each client in the Development and continuity of their businesses or companies, working hand in hand to achieve their objectives, thus creating a professional relationship for future projects that would benefit our island.

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